June 2018

June 2018

Dear Maoz Partner,

When summer comes, college kids in Israel often head out for inexpensive short trips to Europe or elsewhere—just to get away from the pressure of studies and modern-day worries of a country surrounded by sworn enemies.

Their plan is to find beach parties or other “restful” adventures—to just get away from it all.

But for 23 born-again young adults from all over Israel, their plan is to spend seven days at the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America Conference—and to go back to Israel full of joy, faith and in the power of the Holy Spirit! This is made possible by our partnership with MJAA.

In recent years our Maoz partners have co-sponsored 20 to 30 young Israeli believers each year to attend this annual conference—the largest gathering of Messianic Jews and lovers of Israel in the world.

Not only does the conference bless and encourage our Israeli group … the American and international attendees never cease to tell us how important the presence of the Israeli delegation is to the vision and realization of God’s plan to bring salvation to Israel, which will ultimately result in God pouring out His Spirit on “all flesh.” (Joel 2:28-32)

We consider it a great honor to be alive in these last days, serving our God in Israel, knowing that this Jewish state is the center of God’s plan, and soon to be the center of His Kingdom.

We invite you to invest in Israel’s coming salvation by helping these 23 Israelis attend the MJAA conference July 1-7.

These young believers are chosen from their pastor’s recommendation. We are aware that the “Israeli presence” in these conferences is very significant. In fact, so significant that the MJAA co-sponsors with Maoz the cost of these young people attending the conference.

Each of these young Israelis will need $2050 (£1,515; €1,720; CAD2,640) and we believe our Maoz family of partners will provide the means for them to bless and be blessed this summer—in the presence of the God of Israel and fellow believers from around the world.

For the salvation of Israel,
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Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram

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