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Our goal is to reach the new generation of Israelis with the Good News of Yeshua by utilizing modern methods of communication, including video and social networking, through the Internet.

Our media department provides resources in Hebrew for believers and non-believers in Israel, and to others around the world in English. outreach website provides culturally relevant content introducing Yeshua and the Messianic faith to Hebrew-speaking Jewish non-believers.  Our content is Scripture-based, and is a fruit of young, talented Israeli Messianic believers working together to produce quality products that will give a different perspective and share the truth with those searching for answers.  We want Israelis to witness the real power of God, and show them the way to a relationship with Him. also serves as a platform for talented young Messianic artists to display and share their talent.

One of our most popular mini-series is “Shavua-Shavua”—a modern application of the weekly Torah portion to our daily lives told through white-board animation, with Israeli humor.  The purpose of this project is to show young Israelis that what was relevant thousands of years ago is still relevant today.  And, when the chapters have prophetic significance, the series introduces Yeshua as the promised Messiah of Israel.  (Read more about the project)

Another popular project is “Thoughts About”—short videos featuring inviting visuals, original music, and scriptures from Old and New Testaments read in Hebrew on a variety of character attributes, such as patience, peace, perseverance, and others.

For Israeli Messianic believers we created resources like short, but in-depth teachings about the weekly Torah readings, an audio New Testament with original score composed especially for that project, and more.  (Even if you don’t speak Hebrew, you can listen to it and get a feel of this project.)

For our partners around the world, we are producing videos giving more in-depth insight into the ministry of Maoz in Israel and our special projects. We also use TwitterFacebookInstagramGoogle+ and Pinterest as an opportunity to connect personally with our readers and supporters.

Your support of our Media department will help us reach Israelis with the truth that Yeshua is the Messiah, and reach more people around the world with the truth about Israel and God’s plan for His people.


When you do, you bless Israel!


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