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I arrived in Israel, just for a visit, in October 1967—four months after the prophetically-shocking Six Day War. But His Land captured my heart, and for nine years I lived in Israel as a single girl. Yet at times, I wondered what I was doing here. Except for isolated believers such as the Smadja and Haimoff families, there were very few believing Israeli Jews in the Land.

I did what little I knew to do: pray, witness to whoever would listen, travel from time to time to the U.S. looking for born-again Jewish believers who were willing to immigrate to Israel to help get a Jewish Messianic core group established in the Tel Aviv area.

It was on a trip to the U.S. in 1976 that Ari and I met—with the help of Pastor Jack Hayford! Within three months, Ari left his successful film-acting career and moved to Israel. Even before we were married, Maoz was established and provided us a structure to begin to work together as a couple when we married in February 1977.

And now—we’ve made it for 40 years and feel we have yet more years of strength to conquer new horizons. When I think about the cardinal essentials that have given me the strength to overcome the strategic attacks we endured—as have all the Messianic pioneers in Israel—I believe my foundational understanding of faith for miracles and breakthrough came through the ministry of Kenneth Hagin, Sr. Although some people practice their faith to acquire material goods, that had little interest to me. But I did want to use this God-given faith to see many Israelis come to know their God through Yeshua, King of the Jews.

The other most important pillar in my life (influenced, I’m sure, by my mother) has been to read the Bible through every year. I have found there is no substitute to being able to understand world events around us. Nor is there any other way to be anchored in clearly hearing the voice of God.

There is nothing that gives me a passion to keep my eyes on eternal values than the Bible which constantly reminds me that there is a heaven for those whose hearts cling to the God of Israel, and a hell waiting for those whom Satan deceives into believing his is the truth.

Most importantly, I hope from this Anniversary issue of the Maoz Israel Report you will clearly discern that the pioneers here in Israel who have written these (way-over-the-top) gracious notes, are huge heroes themselves! Every one of them! They have gone through the same fires of testing—different issues, but the same need to stand against the black clouds that would overcome them. And stand they have!

And our friends from abroad who have stood with us—without their prayer and financial backing, we would never have been able to do these things by ourselves. We always remember that “our generosity” is really their generosity and yours. We are simply a conduit—and we pray and strive to be wise stewards for what has been entrusted to us. Ours is the privilege and His is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever.



  1. In the mid 70’s, I found myself falling in love with Shira and, at the same time, began falling in love with my people and the nation of Israel.
  2. I soon began to love teaching and equipping young Israelis.
  3. I had a passion to see them come to faith in Yeshua.
  4. It wasn’t long after that I began to love pastoring this new fledgling group of new believers.
  5. I love having spiritual children and grandchildren.
  6. I love seeing the body of believers grow and expand throughout the country.
  7. I love being a part of developing leaders for this and the next generation.
  8. I love helping the needy and giving them hope and a future.
  9. I love helping others in the Body see their dreams and visions become a reality.
  10. If I can help those in the Body of believers reach their destiny, I have fulfilled a great part of my destiny.

That is why I am here and I’m still in love.



We started this congregation in 1995 in the basement of the Maoz house.

When I think of Maoz and Ari and Shira, the word encouragement comes to me.

They are an amazing example of two people who deeply love the Lord and the Land of Israel. However, what sets them apart from others is that they totally love the Body of Messiah in Israel. Oh, how they love us!

You cannot be around them without realizing how delighted they are with you, that you believe in Messiah and that you also have decided to live in the Land!

In fact, they have devoted their lives to encouraging, enabling, and equipping the believers in the Land. What would my Israel experience be without the richness of all the conferences I have attended—Jack Hayford, Joyce Meyer, the Chinese-Israel Conferences, the Leadership sessions sponsored by John Maxwell and presented by Dennis and Colleen Rouse, and numerous others.

What would our ministries be like without the plethora of translated and printed books?

What would many of us be like without the generous assistance of the ‘IstandwithIsrael’ Fund?

Indeed, Ari and Shira through Maoz have made an enormous difference. They were motivated by the love they have for the Body, combined it with their own vast list of relationships with key leaders and ministries outside of Israel and shared everything with us.

Yes, they have been a rare example of two ultimately generous people. They have shared so much of what they have with all of us.

Quite amazing. A couple who combined compassion with decisive and strategic action.

I cannot forget an early story I had with Ari:

Ari was showing me some of the top quality equipment his ministry had just purchased. I was a bit overwhelmed. My own situation was quite humble. So, I mentioned how ironic it was that we were all on different “faith” levels. I was “believing” simply for a used cassette-radio unit for my car.

Within minutes, Ari was presenting me with a check to meet my need. No attitude of condescension, no scorn, just pure encouragement—a brother with more means lifting up another brother with less.

And that has been my experience with Maoz and Ari and Shira—a gifted couple operating a ministry with one purpose in mind: to strengthen in every way the Body of Messiah in Israel.

They have made a difference. A major difference!

Shmuel Birnbaum
Pastor, Congregation Yam Ahavato
Bat Yam


I made Aliya in 1990 while living with and working for Ari and Shira. At that time Maoz Israel was in one little office and one computer in their home. From them, I learned and fell in love with Israel, met hundreds of believers and began my ministry to youth, which later became Katzir! Ari and Shira, their two children and Maoz were the door I walked through for my destiny in the Land. I consider them and Ayal and Shani dear friends.

Norma and Martin Sarvis
Succat Hallel
Israel Prayer Update
Arise, Women’s Ministry


Many years ago, when I was a very new believer, I happened to be at a huge gathering in a university in southern California, and was privileged to see a film called Dry Bones and listen to a woman share about Israel. Her name was Shira Lindsay. I was so impacted by the film and Shira’s words about Israel, that, as a new believer, I began to ask God if He was calling me to the Land of Israel.

In l983 my husband and I made Aliyah (immigrated to Israel), and we have been involved with Aliyah work since we arrived. Our work and fruits of ministry came from the inspiration of Ari and Shira. Thank you Ari and Shira for being pillars in the Land we call our home.

Terri Morey
Poriya Congregation


We visited the congregation in Ramat HaSharon in 1982 while on a scouting trip to Israel before we made Aliyah in 1983 and we never forgot it. Several years ago Ari and Shira invited me to be part of the Maoz Israel Board of Directors, and it has been a great pleasure to serve with this wonderful organization. Maoz is doing so much in the Land, including Tiferet Yeshua (one of the first Hebrew-only congregations in the Land); Leadership conferences (of which I have been to almost all); ‘IstandwithIsrael’ helping believers around the Land; publication of books; creative media work; and much more. Maoz Israel is a powerful force for good in Israel, both inside and outside the Body of Messiah, and an inspiration to many. Thank you for 40 years of groundbreaking work.

Eric Morey
Pastor, Poriya Congregation


Ari served in the Lebanon War in 1982.


Paul Wilbur with Israel’s Hope sing at our ‘basement’ congregation


I was just a youth when I saw this young blonde believing Jewish American come to Israel. This young woman and her future husband, Ari, may have been born in America but they dedicated their lives to Israel. It is only fitting that we celebrate the past 40 years of their dedication to building the Body in Israel by recalling some of the areas they have blessed all of us, the native Israelis and the pastors throughout the Land.

Ari and Shira have established new congregations and were on the cutting edge of having Hebrew teaching and worship in their congregations instead of meetings where English was translated into Hebrew. Through their founding Maoz Israel, Ari and Shira have blessed countless young people attempting to buy homes, needy families struggling to put food on the table, ministry projects that were beyond the capability of a lone congregation and budding believer-owned businesses such as the bed and breakfasts that Maoz recently promoted for FREE! Ari and Shira have been a bridge for all the nations of the world to connect with and bless the indigenous Israelis. Praise God for 40 years of fruitfulness!

Samuel Smadja
Owner & President, Sar-El Tours & Conferences


We met you before we arrived in Israel, and we are still in fellowship 35 years later! During our court battle, you were among our strongest supporters and helped us take the battle to the courts.

You brought your congregation down to join us in a service. You have opened up to the whole Body of Messiah in Israel with support: a testimony to your supporters, and to your heart for the brothers and sisters among our people. Thank you very much, and may God continue to bless you in the years to come!

Howard & Randi Bass
Pastor, Yeshua’s Inheritance Congregation
Streams in the Negev
Beer Sheva


Coming back to Israel in 1981, I was guided to Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram and their Messianic Jewish congregation in Ramat HaSharon, in their home. All through the week their home was full of people, who came in and out. Their passion was to wake up Israel to the knowledge of Yeshua in his Jewish context, to build Hebrew-speaking congregations, and to make disciples.

We were only a few believers in the early 80s, the Messianic Jewish movement was still in diapers, and the Sorko-Rams helped to set the tone by printing books, by their teaching, by allowing others to teach, by putting our Messianic case to the public, by fighting for rights within the body before the courts, and by arranging seminars and conferences in order to equip the saints, to serve the Lord and to build God’s Kingdom.

I have been greatly blessed by Ari’s and Shira’s heart, a heart of a father and a mother; I have been blessed by their obedience to God and their commitment to the newly formed body of Messiah in Israel. From now and forever may heaven continually be open before them, and God’s favor be bestowed upon them, and may they see the salvation of Israel.

Jacob & Elisheva Damkani
Founder, Trumpet of Salvation
Tel Aviv


Maoz Israel is a landmark on the horizon of Israel and in many other countries around the globe. Marcia and I have known Maoz Israel from before its birth! It could be said that I am the Godfather of Maoz like I am the Godfather of their son Ayal, and many more sons of the Yeshua believers in Israel. We bless Ari and Shira and all the Maoz Israel staff for their hard work and their faithful adherence to their vision for Israel and for the Body of the Messiah and the Disciples of Yeshua in Israel and elsewhere around the globe.

May all the staff of Maoz and especially the Sorko-Ram family see the joy of fruit and harvest for their labor in the Kingdom of our Lord.

Joseph & Marcia Shulam
Pastor, Teacher, Netivya
Bible Instruction Ministry


Our first advisory board: From left, Jack Hayford, Randy Bozarth, Jonathan Bernis, Shira, Ari, Don Finto, Dan Juster


Fellow Co-Laborers: Betty & Asher Intrater, Avi Mizrachi, Ari, Eddie Santoro

I first met Shira more than 39 years ago. I was 18 years old and very new in the faith; it was my childhood dream that “when I would grow up I would live in Israel.” I heard you speak in Dallas as to the pioneering work you and Ari were starting in Israel.

I read your testimony and saw your film, Dry Bones. As a young believer, your words and message were new to me but resonated with my soul. Before I knew it, a few months later, I was indeed in Israel. Over the next years I enjoyed fellowshipping with you both first in Ramat Poleg, then in Ramat HaSharon as you were building the house/ministry center. For four decades your publications and updates have encouraged so many around the world in understanding the Jewish roots of the Gospel and the place of the Jewish people in God’s plan of redemption.

Like our small nation, you have endured challenges with strength and dignity. I pray for continued blessings on the both of you, your growing family and your staff in all that you do on behalf of Zion’s sake.

David Katz
Assistant Deputy Manager, Sar-El Tours


Wow! 40 years! We love you all and are so glad you have been doing your great pioneering work and we have been able to share in some of it with you over the years. We knew Shira and Ari from before we made Aliyah in 1979. Ari, you met us at the airport, took us to your home in Ramat Poleg, Netanya where our 4-month-old daughter, Miriam, shared the crib with your 4-month-old baby, Shani!

We became part of the congregation and were together for four years until we moved to Jerusalem. And we have stayed involved with Maoz all these years. A big thank you for helping to publish the Hebrew version of David’s Messianic Jewish Manifesto. And we are really looking forward to the forthcoming Hebrew version of The Jewish New Testament Commentary also by David which Maoz is about to publish! Keep up this good work!

David & Martha Stern
Author, Jewish New Testament Commentary and
Editor, Complete Jewish Bible


Our call to make Aliyah occurred when Shira taught from the Prophets (in 1977!) concerning the return of Jewish exiles in the end-times.

As the time for us to move to Israel drew near, Ari and Shira counseled and encouraged us in a very personal way. Since we arrived in 1992, they have never ceased to love, support, and stand with us in the profound experience of pioneering the reborn indigenous Messianic movement in Israel. How we praise the Living God for the faithfulness and radical generosity of Maoz for these 40 years. May it continue with renewed vigor.

Eitan & Connie Shishkoff
Founding Director, Tents of Mercy Network
Katzir Youth Ministry
Kiryat Yam


Rachel and I have been blessed by the ministry of Ari and Shira over the years. Their pioneering example about the message of Israel’s restoration strongly influenced Rachel in her teenage years, and catalyzed a strong spiritual direction in her life. Their use of film and other media has also had a decisive effect on our lives and has been a spiritual encouragement to us as well. Their championing of the restoration of Jewish identity to Jewish believers in Yeshua has strengthened many here in Israel. Their blazing passion for the fulfilment of Israel’s prophetic destiny continues to start spiritual fires wherever they go. Israel’s Messianic family has been enriched by their continuing contribution to Yeshua’s kingdom!

Avner & Rachel Boskey
Founder, Final Frontier Ministries


Bar Mitzvah of Elior who grew up in our Congregation Tiferet Yeshua


Our very first national conference we held in 1993 with Pastor Tom Barkey


Ari and Shira have been pioneers in the Messianic movement and especially in Israel. Through their encouragement, practical helps, publishing and translating ministry, they have made a great impact in Israel. Their dedication to reaching the lost sheep of the House of Israel through Tiferet Yeshua Congregation and their Media ministry has been a great example to many.

Our congregation, like many others in Israel, has been greatly blessed though Maoz Ministries. Many of our members were helped in practical ways through the ‘IstandwithIsrael” ministry. Some were helped in starting businesses, others to help them purchase their own homes or enroll in a study program.

Thank you Ari and Shira and Maoz ministry for being here at the right time and the right place for ‘such a time as this.’

Tony & Orna Sperandeo
Pastor, Maayan Congregation and Ministries,
Kfar Saba


Life in Israel is full of challenges …with the average salary being low, and the cost of living being high. Maoz has helped in many ways, but among the biggest is their commitment to help with education so that our people can get better paying jobs. Maoz has been a support to our single mothers, young people pursuing education after the army, and believers who have needed help starting private businesses.

I have also been blessed by the conferences that they have offered through the years. I have received so much excellent instruction and encouragement through these well-organized conferences and seminars. These conferences had the added benefit of bringing together the Body of Messiah, so that we could enjoy each other, and get to know each other better.

Daniel & Luanne Sayag
Lead Pastor of Kehilat HaCarmel
Kehilat Kerem El


One of the many Equip Leadership Conferences with Dennis & Colleen Rouse and Steve & Jackie Vaggalis


Maala and I send you our blessing for your enormous devotion to Yeshua and your ‘love of the brethren’ that has enabled you to stand with Israel and to be so, so effective. You have been a model for many through hardship and through success.

Your integrity has set a healthy standard for other ministries in the Land and your success has also been our success. Thank you for your sacrificial giving of your time and energy and prayer (day and night) for Israel and the Body of Messiah here.

So many have benefitted from the manifold ministries that constitute Maoz. God bless you abundantly!

Evan & Maala Thomas
Pastor, Beit Asaph Messianic Congregation



It is with joy I testify that Maoz Israel has been used to bless some of the neediest in our society such as a young widow with 4 small children from our congregation.

We have seen Maoz wisely use the resources they have to enable people to obtain professional training and education, rather than just a hand out. Ari and Shira, you have a big heart, and a special thanks to all the donors of Maoz, who have invested their resources into this work.

Daniel Yahav
Pastor, Peniel Congregation


Katzir Camps—3 times a year. We have partnered a number of years with Eitan Shishkoff and his team by co-sponsoring these very important spiritual events for Israeli believing teenagers.


We so much appreciate Maoz’ forward thinking in the way they invest their resources to both build up and equip the body of believers and also to support ministries that seek to impact Israeli society with the Gospel. We are grateful to have Maoz as partners in ministry.

David & Lisa Loden
Founders (now retired), Beit Asaph Messianic Congregation
Composer, Conductor, Teachers, Worship Leaders
Netanya, Israel



Maoz has been a tremendous blessing in Israel over the years providing book translation and publication, outreach, and has been able to bless so many poor and needy families in Israel.

Maoz has functioned as an integral part of the Messianic Jewish community in Israel, and has impacted and affected so many individuals both in Israel and abroad. We pray that Maoz continues to be blessed beyond physical expectations, and that they see the fruit from the seeds that have been planted through their ministry.

Avi & Chaya Mizrachi
Pastor, Adonai Roi Congregation
Dugit Ministries
Tel Aviv


Every year we co-sponsor 30 Israelis who travel to the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America’s yearly conference. The Israelis give much to the conference and receive much!


We have known Ari and Shira for more than 30 years and have witnessed their faithful service to God.

Under their leadership, the impact of Maoz’ work in Israel and among the nations has increased exponentially year by year. They understand how God’s Spirit is moving both in Israel and abroad, and have been obedient to what His direction has been for Maoz. We know this hasn’t always been easy and that they have made courageous decisions for the ministry. Recently, I have had the privilege of ministering with Ari in Asia where Maoz is raising awareness of God’s purposes for Israel and encouraging many to pray for our nation.

Peter Tsukahira
Co-Founder, Kehilat HaCarmel Congregation


Another Leadership Conference with the Rouses and the Vaggalis. This time specifically for Millenials—young rising Israeli leaders in the Messianic Community.


The Body of Messiah in Israel is young, and a young body has many needs. It is marvelous to see your zeal to see this young Body grow and develop in the right direction, when everything is based upon the Word of God.

All of us in Israel have been blessed by the literature that your publishing house has translated and published, and because of this the Messianic Hebrew library has grown and been enriched. In order that these books would be available to all you’ve even taken care to place a stand in our congregation, located in the Galilee, far away from the Messianic book shops. These stands have enriched the lives of many congregations.

We’ve also been blessed by the conferences for leadership development you’ve conducted, especially during the recent years by representatives of John Maxwell. Instead of us traveling to the United States or other places to develop our leadership skills, you’ve brought these teachers right here, to us.

All of us are blessed by, a fund that helps Messianic believers in need, and to become better established in the Land so they, in turn, can be a source of help to others.

For all of this and more I want to thank you for all that you’ve done during the first 40 years of operation.

Yossi & Ronit Ovadia
Leader, HaDerech Congregation


An early picture of Omer and Moti. Now many years later Omer represents Maoz in Spanish and designs the Maoz Israel Report every month. Moti is an elder at Tiferet Yeshua.


A special event at Congregation Tiferet Yeshua. The Intraters and Cantors have carried the major responsibilities of the congregation for three years and will continue to serve in leadership roles for which we are so thankful. We are delighted that the new lead pastor is now Gil Afriat. Nothing can make us happier than to know the congregation we pastored is in the hands of wise and godly men and women who will take the congregation on to next level and more.



We have had opportunities to work with our dear friends at Maoz on many different occasions. Our deepest area of cooperation has been with Tiferet Yeshua congregation in Tel Aviv. Here we shared the same vision of a local Israeli, Hebrew-speaking, spirit-filled, evangelizing congregation in the heart of the largest city in Israel, which in effect, is the largest community of Jewish people in one area at any one time in all history!

To my friends, Ari and Shira, I want to thank you for being the pioneers and heroes in the faith that you are. We have always had a deep heart connection that we are sure will continue for the coming of Yeshua and His kingdom.

Asher & Betty Intrater
Founders, Revive Israel Ministries
Yad HaShmona


We are very happy to celebrate this 40th landmark with you. You have been instrumental in bringing the truth of Messiah Yeshua back to the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. Tiferet Yeshua Congregation is one of the major fruits of your faithful work here in the Land. We wish you abundant blessings in the name of Yeshua!

Gil Afriat & Tiferet Yeshua
leadership team

Pastor, Congregation Tiferet Yeshua
Tel Aviv



I remember the first time I met Ari and Shira. They had come to teach at the Bible school I was attending. They talked about Jewish believers making Aliyah—returning to Israel. I caught them in the hallway, making it clear that I had no intention of moving to Israel—where I and my family have now lived for the past 13 years! Little did I know that not only would I move here, but I would join with them in building Tiferet Yeshua—the Hebrew-speaking congregation they birthed in 1995. Not only that, we have collaborated to produce informative media, seeking to educate the body of believers on Israel and the Jewish roots of the New Testament.

Over the past 40 years, Maoz Israel has had as much an impact on the growing body of believers in Israel as any ministry I can think of.

Elana and I rejoice with the Maoz team as they celebrate 40 years of impact in Israel!

Ron & Elana Cantor
Founder, Messiah’s Mandate
Elder, Tiferet Yeshua
Tel Aviv


We arrived here almost 19 years ago and from the earliest days, Maoz was there to help us. They encouraged us to study Hebrew and received us into their congregation. We joined the leadership team, serving as an elder for about 8 years, and saw many Israelis come to faith. Those were exciting times!

We learned a lot over the years and were ready with their support to be sent out in 2006 to establish a congregation in Jerusalem. Maoz was instrumental and foundational in all that happened over those years and we want to express our love and appreciation to Ari and Shira for their selfless and untiring devotion to the Body of Messiah in Israel. Keep up the good work!

Eddie & Jackie Santoro
Pastor, Ahavat Yeshua Congregation


When we think about you both, and when we have occasion to speak of you and your work, there is one thing we will always say.

We know of no ministry in the Land that bears a broader and deeper vision, accompanied by true and significant works, for the entire body in Israel than Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram.

You have been a channel of blessing to so many people from Dan to Beersheba and beyond. Faithful you have been with what the Lord has entrusted to you. With our love, blessings and prayers for continued strength to fulfill all that the Lord has placed in your hearts.

Arni & Yonit Klein
Founders, Emmaus Way
The Galilee


The Santoros and Kleins gave many years of their lives building up the congregation.

Gil & Tamar being consecrated to the work of Pastor




Through IstandwithIsrael we are able to help the Messianic Jewish community, Israeli Arab believers, and also holocaust survivors, new immigrants and even Syrian and Iraqi refugees. We have also donated protective clothing to our soldiers that the army is not able to pay for.


Our family and congregation in Haifa thank Maoz Israel for financial assistance for ourselves and for members of the congregation.

Gennady Shehovtsov
Pastor, Congregation Even Ezer




We want to thank God for Maoz for these 40 years of faithful service to the Body of Messiah in Israel. Whereas the general instinct of a fellowship is to serve itself and its members, Maoz has always had a burden for the well-being and development of the Body in Israel. May the Lord continue to give Maoz wisdom to bless the believers in our Land.

Claude & Michelle Ezagouri
Pastor, Morning Star Fellowship



Maoz has been the connecting link between Israel and Christians worldwide, to bring uncompromising news and unbiased reports from Israel that the global mass media would never publish.

Throughout the years we have seen how Maoz has supported the weak and needy in Israel, bringing hope to the hopeless and comfort to the destitute.

Ari and Shira, you have stood up for Israel in the hostile media environment for decades and are now celebrating 40 years of ministry – congratulations!

Albert & Heli Veksler
CEO, Israel Empowerment Fund


New shoes for Syrian refugees.

Through ‘IstandwithIsrael,’ one young fatherless, but VERY bright schoolgirl, from a problematic family, was able to continue her schooling, and attained an excellent academic result. Having now finished two years National Service, she has been accepted by the Technion in Haifa, which is on a par with the best world universities. None of this would have been possible without the support she got from Maoz which not only paid her fees for the school for very bright children which she attended, but also bought her clothing and a bed to sleep on.

I want to thank you on behalf of Natalie, whom you have blessed and enabled through your support. And by the way, as a child, I was in the same situation as Natalie, but such support was not forthcoming. Therefore her achievements, with your help, comfort me as I endeavor to obtain help for others, and more than make up for my loss.

Ruth N.
Early Messianic Jewish pioneer in Israel


THANK YOU both for the significant impact your friendship has had on our lives and ministry. We have been certainly enriched spiritually by the various conferences we have attended. We are also grateful for your generous gifts of books to our congregation, all appreciated and greatly used.

However, above all, thank you for the input you gave us during times of some life-changing decisions. In fact, by using what we learned through your godly wisdom we were able to understand the will of God for our ministry and eventually move in the right direction. With no fear of appearing over-spiritual or using trite language, you invested in us and in His Kingdom that will certainly bear much fruit.

Alek & Lena Kravtsov
Pastor, Congregation Beit HaKerem
Kiryat Haim


We give thanks to God for the ministry of Maoz Israel. Thank you so much, Ari and Shira for your faithful service.

Neriyah Arabov
Pastor, Beit Yeshua Congregation
Bat Yam, Israel






Distributing Passover gifts to the poor, elderly and Holocaust survivors in Kiryat Gat.


Ari mentors Ethiopian pastors and leaders.

Pastor Ari, You have been an excellent friend, teacher, mentor and a great inspiration for us. You have inspired us to pursue our goals with hard work, dedication and to think critically. You have shown us the value of honesty, sincerity and trust in our service.

We are saying that you have a vital role for the success of our ministry as well as for our own leadership quality growth. We understand also that your strength has been enhanced by your wife Shira who has been a strong prayer backing for you. We consider you not only our Pastor, but also a valuable mentor and friend.

Rivka Ayeligne & Nega
Pastor, Nahlat Elohim Amo Congregation


We give thanks to God and to Maoz for standing in support for the Ethiopian Jews. Many brothers and sisters are supported by Maoz. We thank God for the unity of the Body of Messiah in Israel through Maoz. Let the God of Israel bless all the supporters from the nations according to Genesis 12. We bless you as you have blessed us.

Belay Birlie
Pastor, Lapid Gideon
Tel Aviv




Shalom from the Ebenezer Ethiopian Messianic Jewish Believers Congregation.

We want to say congratulations on your 40th anniversary of the Maoz Israel Ministry. I thank and glorify Almighty God for Maoz because the grace and favor of God is with you to serve the Body of Messiah faithfully in Israel. I and my family have also received from your service. I hope and believe that you will continue to serve the kingdom of God until Our Lord and Saviour Yeshua the Messiah returns.

Argaw Andargachew
Pastor, Ebenezer Congregation
Tel Aviv




“My Utmost for His Highest”—Oswald Chambers’ classic devotional—has been my #2 book for decades. Still is. I keep gleaning deep truths and treasures from it, and the Lord keeps using it to direct my path.

For many years I wanted to see it in Hebrew, and even started translating daily pages, but could not publish the book myself. And then, to my delight, Ari and Shira decided to invest in this anointed composition. I give the Hebrew edition as gifts; I encourage people to purchase it, and I know what a blessing it is to many.

This is just one story, but there are many more like that. Maoz’ contribution to the Messianic literature available today in Hebrew is significant. Maoz enlarged the variety of subjects available to the Hebrew reader, and made accessible some of the best-selling books in the Christian world, as well as great classics. Some of its materials deal with topics that have never been dealt with before in Hebrew literature, and in that sense they have done a pioneers’ work.

In the past few years I started writing some indigenous materials, and when I asked Maoz for assistance with the cost of printing, I received an immediate positive and generous answer. Thank you for being aware of the importance of printed materials, and investing in it.

Orna Grinman
Translator and Minister to Single Mothers
Ot U’Mofet
Kfar Saba


A picture taken 25 years ago of Ari together with Arab pastors from Galilee. From left: Sohel Dabag, Edward Tannus and Joseph Haddad.

We would like to congratulate “Maoz Israel” for their 40th anniversary and for their firm stand alongside our Lebanese ministry in Nahariya for the past 15 years.

They have been a blessing both spiritually and financially to our people and to our ministry. We would dare to say that apart from their constant financial support, our Lebanese congregation wouldn’t have been able to function and thrive.

The Maoz ministry of translating books into Hebrew has been a major milestone in helping the body of Messiah grow spiritually and mature in the Land.

We were also blessed on a personal level as Ari & Shira helped our oldest son, Amir, study for two years in Bible School. He is now working with the youth at our Lebanese congregation.

Ari & Shira are not only significant leaders in the body of Messiah in Israel but they are a spiritual father and mother who love the body of Messiah and care for its welfare and its prosperity in the Land of Israel.

Thank you Maoz Israel!

Yosef & Ibtissam Haddad
Pastor, River of God, Lebanese Congregation


We have partnered with Rick Ridings who hosts an annual El Av Conference bringing young Israeli Messianic Jews and Palestinian Christians to worship and pray together. The results are remarkable! God is the only answer to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict!



May the Lord bless your ministry abundantly and what you are doing for His cause!

Naim & Elvira Khoury
Pastor, First Baptist Church



Congratulations Maoz for your 40th Anniversary! I am thankful to God for the years since we met. You have kept serving the Almighty God and you are blessing not only the Israeli people but also us believers who live in the West Bank and Gaza. You are a good example to reflect the love of God between Israeli Jews and Arabs.

My prayers for Maoz in its next phase is to see more and more fruit in the ministry among Israelis and Arabs. May many of our people come to faith and together serve the body of Christ.

We love you, Ari and Shira.

Palestinian Christian Co-Laborer
Judea and Samaria



I send you my heartfelt thanks for your financial support and help in the past. It was an unmeasurable blessing for me!

Victor Bahbah
Ramle Arab Baptist Church



A very moving meeting when Ari and Sa’id, a former trouble-maker from the Palestinian areas, now saved and evangelizing with ‘Team Extreme,’ washed one another’s feet.


First of all, we would like to express how much we appreciate you as mentors and partners. We and our congregation have been blessed enormously in many ways by your ministry—through humanitarian aid, medical aid, scholarship support and much more.

Furthermore, we value the many opportunities of training, seminars and conferences that generated spiritual growth and a better understanding of our call. Your ministry provides a vast variety of instruments for believers in this Land in order to advance, grow and impact the nation. We are grateful for leaders and a ministry with such an abundance of experience and with a great willingness to share with “younger” ministries. We hope to cooperate with you many more years!

Leon & Nina Mazin
Pastor, Shavei Tsion Congregation


I am a second generation pastor. Since we started our congregation Ari has been a wellspring for me, and a spiritual father with whom I could seek counsel on many subjects. His experience and his desire to disciple others and to pass on his own experience has always touched my heart. In the same way, he and Shira have had the fervor to create many contacts with individuals and ministries abroad, all in order to bless the body of Messiah in our Land.

For example, the contact with Chinese believers Ari has brought to Jerusalem, into a place of encounter with local Messianic leaders; the Equip conferences with Dennis & Colleen Rouse and the conferences of Sam Nadler and other men and women of God that have blessed us.

Maoz has also been a place of blessing and individual growth in faith through the many books in Hebrew. At Maoz, the most modern and professional means of media have been used to launch creative ways of reaching people with the gospel.

Finally, another very direct and personal way of blessing those in need has been the very generous help through extended to several individuals in our congregation who found themselves trapped in financial difficulties. We are so grateful!

Maoz has been there to help, to bless, to promote, to equip, to inform and to bring glory to our Messiah!

Micky & Marianne Yaron
Pastor, Tehilat Yah Congregation
Rishon Letzion


One of the young Israeli believers we brought to the MJAA’s Annual Messiah Conference in Grantham, PA

I personally was blessed the most by the Equip Leadership conferences, and also some members of our congregation were helped through with their studies and other urgent needs. May God continue blessing you as you serve the local Body here!

Baruch Lieberman
Pastor, Shemen Sasson Congregation



As a pastor I want to thank Ari and Shira for investing their lives into the building of a Messianic community in Israel. When Tanya and I started our congregation, some of the advice Ari gave us was crucial and helped us grow in a healthier way. Ari redirected my vision towards growing a congregation that brings fruit. I am thankful Ari and Shira are people who don’t keep their success only to themselves but share it with others and want to see others growing. I want to also say to those supporting Maoz Israel, you are investing your resources into the local Messianic body!

As a pastor of a congregation of new immigrants, I can say that for some families the help of Maoz was critical as they began their lives in Israel. We want to thank Maoz for long years of friendship, love, care and support.

Maxim & Tanya Garkavenko
Pastor, Congregation Or Le’Olam (Light to the World)
Bat Yam


I consider Ari and Shira to be dear personal friends, as well as mentors and guides. They have been amazing pillars in the community of believers in Israel, as well as internationally, known for their big hearts and endless generosity.

Maoz is that friend who is always willing to help, an example and an inspiration to many. We’re blessed by the work and forever grateful for their endless investment in the Kingdom of God in Israel.

Israel & Victoria Pochtar
Pastor, Beit Hallel Congregation


One of the young Messianic artists records an original single through our Young Artists Project.


On the set of making “Watchman: The Prophecy” music video.


Children (and adults) who made our “You Are Special” children’s CD possible.


For someone who’s had the privilege to report about Israel for the past twenty years and see how the media often distorts the image of Israel to the world, I salute Maoz for presenting the truth about Israel to the nations! In these tumultuous days when Israel is demonized by movements like BDS, their honest reporting is a powerful asset in the battle of truth Israel faces today.

Chris Mitchell
CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief


Ari and Shira, your vision, steadfastness, faithfulness, and pioneering spirit are a testimony to all of us. Your impact and legacy on this Land is widespread, and Kehila News is blessed to be one of the many Messianic ministries that Maoz Israel has helped from an early stage. On behalf of our staff, writers, and readers of from all around the world, we thank you!

KehilaNews Team


Maoz Ministries has brought to my family, to the international churches in London and to the Hispanic believers in the nations a Biblical understanding that Jewish people NEED THE GOSPEL, that we Christians will not have the REVIVAL that we so much want and desperately need UNLESS we ACTIVELY pray & act. Romans 1:16 says the Gospel is to be preached first to the Jewish people. Pastor Ari’s book , To the Jew First and the monthly edition of your Maoz Israel Report has richly deepened my biblical understanding of God, Israel and the future; it has challenged many wrong theological assumptions.

You are an amazing gift to the Body of Messiah!

Candido Giraldo
Pastor, Emmanuel Families to the Nations
(a Hispanic international church in London)
Chairman, London pastors monthly meeting for REVIVAL in Israel


Maoz was a huge blessing for us at ONE FOR ISRAEL from the very beginning. While some ministries sometimes feel the need to compete with each other, Maoz only looked into blessing, encouraging and helping us. For example, our apologetic efforts, which became famous, had a lot to do with Maoz, who generously always gave us permission to use their translated materials.

Even on a personal level, as an Israeli, I was blessed greatly by some of their books which were translated into Hebrew.

Reading in English is more “work” than fun to me. Maoz made some great books accessible to me as a native Hebrew speaker, and I’m grateful for that and for them!

Eitan Bar


It’s been a privilege to be friends of Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram for more than three decades. They are true pioneers. Maoz is on the cutting edge of spreading the Word in Israel and around the world. Ann and I send our love, deep gratitude, and congratulations on 40 years of faithful and fruitful ministry!

Wayne & Ann Hilsden
Co-Founder, King of Kings Community
Founder and President, FIRM



Maoz records!




On the scene of filming the “Ani Ratz” – “I’m Running” music video.


Congratulations and blessings, Ari and Shira! Your passion and love for the Jewish people has inspired Christians across the world to support and pray for God’s chosen people.

We appreciate the beautiful relationship we have held throughout the years and look forward to our next opportunity to be together. May the Lord continue His powerful work through you both in the years to come.

Marcus and Joni Lamb
Daystar Television Network



As a longtime friend and fellow laborer in the Messianic Jewish revival, I want to congratulate Maoz, as well as Shira and Ari Sorko-Ram, for 40 years of ministry in the Messianic Jewish Movement both inside and outside of Israel. I have been amazed as I have watched the steady and productive growth of Maoz over these many years. Maoz is now a leading and innovating force in Israeli Messianic media and a growing media presence in Israel generally.

May the Lord continue to expand the reach and productivity of Maoz in the coming years and give us many opportunities to serve the God of Israel and our Messiah, Yeshua, together as we labor to see the spiritual and physical restoration of Israel come to its fullest and prophetic fruition. Well done and Mazel Tov!

Joel Chernoff
General Secretary/CEO,
Messianic Jewish Alliance of America
Chairman, Joseph Project, Israel


Another scene from filming the “Ani Ratz” music video.



Ari / Shira:

Few have done as much, with so little, in such a short period of time. Thank you for what you’ve done for me, for the Church and for Israel.

Dr. Jeffrey L. Seif
University Distinguished Professor of Bible and Jewish Studies
Kings University (retired)
Vice President / Project Manager, Tree of Life Bible



I’ve known of Ari & Shira’s ministry in Israel since I was a new believer. They have been pioneers in bringing Messiah to God’s people in Israel. They have ministered tirelessly, faithfully, courageously, zealously, and joyfully for all these years. They have been a beacon of light, a shining example of God’s end-time messengers.

Congratulations, Ari and Shira! You are not only a blessing to Israel but to the world!

Jonathan Cahn
Messianic Rabbi/Pastor
Biblical Scholar
Author, ‘The Harbinger’


Lynette and I want to take a moment and congratulate you on 40 years of ministry in Israel.

Your consistency and stability in being a servant of God is truly a testament to your personal faith, not to mention the goodness and faithfulness of God. Believing with you for many more years of fruitful ministry in Israel, as the Lord leads.

Kenneth W. and Lynette Hagin
President, Kenneth Hagin Ministries
Pastor, Rhema Bible Church



A Weekly Torah Portion white-board-animation-style project we are working on for our Hebrew Outreach website.


Our fabulous USA Maoz Board: From left: Shira, Ari, Shani Ferguson, Erik Morey, Ray Wilkerson, Jonathan Bernis, Erez Soref, Paul Liberman. Not present: Dennis Rouse.

We’ve known Ari and Shira for almost 25 years, and we’ve been part of the Maoz ministry, supporting their ministry, and now serve on the Maoz board. I can’t think of two people who are dearer to the heart of God and the causes of God in this part of the world than Ari and Shira.

We’ve traveled together, enjoyed many dinners together, and have strategized together about how we can do more for the nation of Israel. Thank you, Ari and Shira, for the incredible faithfulness and service you have given to the nation of Israel, to all the pastors and leaders in that nation and also the wonderful insight you imparted to our church about how to love the Jewish people and help them to find the Messiah!

We send our love from Victory World Church. God bless you!

Dennis & Colleen Rouse
Senior Pastors, Victory World Church


Dear Ari, Shira and gang,

Mazel Tov on the 40th anniversary of Maoz Ministries! Maoz has been used by the LORD to glorify His great name far beyond expectations. The Gospel of our Messiah Yeshua has been proclaimed in Israel for 40 years and the fruit of Maoz’ ministry is evident for all to see.

Ari and Shira—you have been faithful servants in your Master’s house as you have patiently endured joys and hardships. Our Israeli brothers and sisters have been deeply impacted by your voice and actions in the Land of our Fathers. Our hearts have been for you since the 1980’s and we continue to thank the Holy One for you and your family.

Marty & Marleen Waldman
Rabbi, Baruch HaShem Messianic Synagogue


It’s a joy to send greetings on this your 40th year of ministering the Life, Light and Love of our Messiah, Jesus, God’s Son!

Anna and I are happy to affirm our deep belief in the soundness, wisdom, dynamics and message of Maoz Israel, and the many impacting strategies of your personal and effective published resources you provide and employ.

Our friendship and support are an abiding commitment as we all advance forward in these trying, yet triumphant, days approaching Messiah’s return. Our prayers for you – for covering grace, protection and fruitfulness – to increase as we stand with you for Israel and the Jewish people there and globally at this prophetic season.

Pastor Jack and Anna Hayford
Chancellor, The King’s University


Jeff and I have always loved the ministry of Maoz, since we met Ari and Shira over 30 years ago. The original pioneering and ongoing work of this unique ministry is truly a testimony of not only God’s faithfulness to our people, but of Ari and Shira’s fortitude and unwavering commitment to the vision God has given them.

We are truly blessed by seeing the high impact that Maoz has had in Israel all these years, as well as the personal impact that Ari and Shira have had on individuals in Israel, even on our own family members. We are extremely grateful for all their years of service to the Lord in the Land!

Jeff & Janet Forman
Rabbi, City of David Messianic Synagogue


If you want cutting edge information about the End Times, sign up for Shira Sorko-Ram’s Maoz Israel Report.

I have been reading it for years, and as far as I’m concerned it was the only one newsletter I would read having to do with End Time Bible prophecy—right from Israel—the Maoz Israel Report. Sign up today!

Sid Roth
Host, It’s Supernatural




Israel China Conferences

Dear Ari and Shira,

On behalf of Pastor Robert Morris and all your admiring friends at Gateway Church, we offer our warmest congratulations to you on 40 years of fruitful ministry. We are honored to partner with Maoz these many years and rejoice in God’s faithfulness to you.

With much love and best regards,

Wayne Wilks Jr.,
Executive Pastor, Jewish Ministry
Gateway Church


Mazel Tov Maoz!

We have been friends for 34 of these 40 years and I am proud to call you friends! Building congregations, supporting the Body of Messiah, effective ministry in publishing and declaring the Good News are all earmarks of the tremendous impact Maoz has had on Israel and the nations!

You have maintained a testimony of faithfulness and integrity which continues to this day, and I have been blessed to work alongside you for decades. My family and I send our warmest regards and blessings for a job well done, and we look forward to partnering with you as long as Messiah gives us all strength! Well done, good and faithful servants!

Paul & Luanne Wilbur
Integrity Music, Wilbur Ministries



We are so grateful for the work that Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram have done in Israel. We admire their love and compassion for the people of Israel. They have done such an amazing job representing the Messiah to the nations.

John Bevere
Author, Speaker
President, Messenger International




My parents instilled a love for our Jewish people in each of their children as we learned at an early age the Biblical principle of God’s promise to bless those who bless Israel. As a result, my sister Shira picked up the torch from my father.

Now Ari and Shira’s children and grandchildren have committed their lives to continue this legacy of blessing Israel. Ari and Shira and the Maoz ministry family have faithfully dedicated their lives for the past 40 years for the salvation of the people of Israel.

Ari and Shira, thank you for your devoted compassion and sacrifice to this nation and people in such a challenging environment.

Dr. Dennis & Ginger Lindsay
President, Christ for the Nations


Your partnership with the MJAA has given hundreds of young Israelis the opportunity to come to America to be part of our annual national conference. The group from Israel is always a highlight in helping the MJAA celebrate its most important event each year.

In addition, your support of the Joseph Project in Israel has helped us reach thousands of those in need with humanitarian aid. It was you who stepped in with much needed funds to help the Joseph Project complete the renovation of a warehouse and purchase our newest truck.

Congratulations and thanks!

MJAA Staff in America
Joseph Project Staff in Israel


It was a great privilege and honor to have the opportunity to work with Ari and Shira and learn much from them both.

It has been a warmhearted experience to work and walk with Ari since 2012. He has such a clear vision of the future. I am always encouraged by his pioneer spirit, Kingdom mindset and father’s heart. He has a great passion to walk with future generations and raise up the Next Generation of leadership.

I have much respect for Shira’s many articles written in a professional,responsible and insightful way, sharing the news to the “Believing Body” and to the world.

I am so excited to see Maoz at 40 years of maturity to move with such committment and to embrace the future ahead!

Jimmy Wong
Advisor, Kingdom Ministries Hong Kong


For GOOD TV in Taiwan: Ari filming a teaching series on Israel for the Far East.


I first met Shira in 1973, when we were heavily engaged in changing the name and face of the Messianic Movement. Two years later, she asked several young leaders, including myself, to form a new ministry to import Jewish believers into the Land. To her it was important to have a male covering.

Later that summer, she visited with me in Northern Virginia and told of a prophecy she had recently received from a friend that she would soon meet her husband. A few weeks later she met Ari, who had his own independent call to Israel.

To me this was a significant part of the foundation of the modernday indigenous Messianic movement in the Land, as it was not sponsored by some outside group or denomination. Together, their efforts resulted in bringing into the kingdom many of today’s top leaders. Ari and Shira, what you have done with your lives makes you heroes.

Paul Liberman
Messianic Rabbi, Ohav Shalom Messianic Congregation
Executive Director of the Alliance for Israel Advocacy


Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram are true chalutzim – pioneers – laying foundations where they did not exist, plowing virgin soil, introducing old-but-new concepts to the Church, and preparing the way for generational change.

And they have done this without wavering or backing down despite challenges, hardships, and often daunting odds.

By God’s grace, Maoz has set a world standard, serving Messiah’s Body with integrity for 40 years, helping the Church recognize the importance of Israel as well as recover lost Jewish roots. I have known Ari and Shira since 1984, and they have been faithful friends and co-workers. It is an honor to be part of the same spiritual family.

Dr. Michael L. & Nancy Brown
Syndicated Radio host, “The Line of Fire”
Author and Debater

Our Sorko-Ram-Ferguson clan—all in love with our God! From back left clockwise: Ari, Shira, Kobi’s mother Gail, Kobi, Illit, Sela, Shani and Baby Nesher, Nevaeh, Lahav.


Christy Wilkerson, International Director

I have had the privilege to serve Ari and Shira for 28 years.

I didn’t start with that goal in mind. In fact, I had no particular aspirations to have a career at all. I was a young mother with two little boys. Yes, I had graduated from Oral Roberts University with a degree in Business Administration. Yes, I grew up around ministry (my father was a pastor with a talent for finance and building). And yes, my grandmother had a calling all of her adult life to witness to the Jewish community in her city.

But God had a specific plan for my life, too. While vacationing in the Rockies, Gilbert, Shira’s brother, introduced me to Ari and Shira, who were spending some time in the States. They wanted to establish an office in the USA to better connect with those who supported their ministry in Israel.

I signed on as a consultant to help them establish a database and bring structure to the administrative part of Maoz Israel Ministries. I worked one day a week…then two days…then hired an assistant (my mother) to help with the daily routines of ministry administration. I managed the ministry full-time from my home office in Texas for 13 years. Eventually, our staff grew and we moved into a beautiful office facility in the DFW area.

Today, Maoz Israel Ministries has grown exponentially. From two people, Ari and Shira, who had a burden, a calling, a passion and a perseverance like no one I have ever known, to reach Israel and her people with the Gospel—the Truth of their Messiah, Yeshua…to NOW—we have a staff of 17 Israelis who daily work in our downtown Tel Aviv office—and we have offices all over the world, with National Directors whose sole purpose is to serve the vision God birthed in the hearts of Ari and Shira.

When I read about leadership, I’m always struck by what is required to be an effective leader. It’s almost an impossible task to lead others. And many times, a thankless position. But what I have seen in Ari and Shira is a burning desire to push the envelope…to go where others have not dreamed possible…to break down barriers of impossibility…and to reach every Israeli they can with the power of the Gospel.

Through wars, terrorism, disappointments and challenges, I have seen them stand strong—never wavering in their determination to open doors of opportunity for the Gospel. Ari and Shira have never operated as “lone soldiers” in their quest to reach the Jewish people. As leaders, they have understood that they can’t do it all. But as visionaries, they understand that IT CAN BE DONE!

From youth camps, a Hebrew-speaking-only congregation in downtown Tel Aviv, books published in the Hebrew language, our benevolence outreach,, which has impacted countless lives and ministries in Israel, and now utilizing media in all its forms to preach the Gospel to this generation…they have pioneered and led the way for others…many others, to dream of what might be possible, and to achieve it.

I have marveled at how many ministries and ministry leaders in the land (both their generation and the next) have been impacted and inspired by the generosity of time, resources, creativity, and leadership of Ari and Shira. It has been 40 years of EMPOWERMENT, IMPACT, and FRUITFULNESS!

I count it a privilege and a joy that God chose me to serve them!



1st row from left: Lia, Liraz, Idit, Avi, Daniel 2nd row: Rechelit, Ari, Shira, Itsik 3rd row: Irina, Evgeny, Lital, Tanya, Roman, Liz, Rachel, Katy, Eran, Amit


Jeannie Ford, Christy Wilkerson, Cheryl Pfeifer, Betty Burkhart, Ted Vanlandeghem



Colin Fogwill, Petra Montaque, Brian and Elizabeth Greenaway, Helen & Dan Delap



Mary Kelly, Eamonn Kelly, Miriam Beattie



Ulrike & Juergen Herrmann



Jim & Bev Brown



Omer Leon