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The Italian Navy rescues a boatload of migrants coming from North Africa.  Over 3,000 have perished in the sea this year attempting to migrate to Europe. (Massimo Sestini)

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Since World War II, none of us who are alive have witnessed anything similar to the uprooting and migration of millions of Muslims throughout the Middle East and Africa, spilling over into the European continent.

Jewish blogger, Isi Leibler, responds with great care:

It would be inhumane not to react with compassion to the tragic and harrowing depictions of the suffering of refugees.

For Jews, more than any others, these images revive horrific memories of their own collective past and the horrors endured by their families and kinsmen when an indifferent world effectively collaborated with the Nazis by denying haven to Jews seeking escape from the gas chambers. (;

Few, if any of us who live in a democratic country, can even imagine the suffering of wandering refugees, running for their lives from killing fields with no known safe haven in sight. Of crossing deserts, forging hostile territories, sneaking through various national borders, sleeping in streets and fields, attempting to elude rape, robbery, torture, in oven-like temperatures or in the wet and the cold – striving to outpace death by countless thugs and predators or drowning in the sea.

And so the world looks on in horror as Islamic gangs, militias and tribes terrorize, torture and fight one another.  The unthinkable is happening.  At this moment there are nearly 11 million Syrians displaced in their own land or registered as refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq.  That’s half of Syria’s population just four years ago.

The European nations stare at the flood of refugees, without a clue of what to do.  The reality is, the phenomenon is completely out of their control.  The European Union, in some kind of trance, keeps discussing how to divide 120,000 migrants between the 28 countries when some 800,000 to one million are expected by the end of the year in Germany alone.

Hungary has put up fences here and there.  But, as one official said, the streams of thousands on the move are like water.  You put a barrier to stop it, and it will find a way to flow around it.


Amin Awad, of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, told reporters in Geneva, “If anything, the thousands of refugees arriving daily at the borders of European countries may be just the tip of the iceberg.”

Look at these stats of migrants right now: 550,000 are stranded in the Baltic States, and a total of 1,300,000 are expected by the end of the year in countries like Germany, Austria and Sweden.

With Russia propping up Syria’s Bashar Assad, and ISIS and Iran fighting over Iraq, there is no sign of an end to the chaos and worsening conditions which will almost certainly send countless new waves of displaced people onto the European Continent.


What happens when an army of tens of thousands of desperate young Muslims come up against a few European border police – or even a few hundred called-up military reservists? This army of migrants simply overwhelms the legal authorities.

Throngs amassing at border crossings in the Balkans are provoking frenzied scenes with desperate asylum-seekers surging through the barriers in need of food, water and shelter – and determined to get to more prosperous countries.

How can Europeans who believe in helping the poor, granting equal rights to everyone and religious freedom for all, fight against this tsunami of young Islamic men who have come to create a new world according to their religion?  Yes, about 80% are single young men arriving without mothers or dads, wives or children.

And they are not only coming from the Middle East.  Eritreans, Afghans, Pakistanis, to name a few, have heard there are lands with nice people in Europe who will give them a house and a job, along with medical benefits – a chance to start a new life.  Already tens of thousands of the 1.1 billion people in Africa are walking towards the Mediterranean Sea in hope of finding a smuggler’s boat and a better life.  Again, almost all of them are Muslims.

Ferry boats rescue these Syrian refugees arriving in Greece. (apimages)



A Fox News reporter visited Austria a few days ago.  She reported that what she saw was not a migration.  It was an invasion.  She confirmed that European sources say 80 percent of the migrants are men 18-45 years old.  After talking to asylum seekers hanging out at the central train stations, she reported they have no intention of assimilating into European culture.  In fact, the violent traditions of Arab Islamic culture are already sadly apparent as the migrants pour in.

The significance of this migration is that the Muslim immigrants will forever change Europe.

“Suddenly” the citizens of these host countries have serious security problems.  One Swedish man told how his wife can no longer walk outside after dark; his children can no longer ride a bus to school.  There is rape, child abuse, theft and roving gangs carrying knives, often fighting among themselves.

Floods of newcomers have traumatized local neighborhoods; their nation’s valuable cohesion is unraveling.  The influx of strangers is tearing at its democratic fabric and bringing division. Europe is sliding towards a Middle Eastern destiny.  In more dramatic language, Islam is conquering Europe.


In fact, Europe is financing its own invasion.  Traffickers transfer money by a sort of mafia-style trust – all from hand to hand, bypassing banks.  Costing around $10,000 per person for the various sections of the trips, friends and family already in Europe often collect the money for someone back home.  ISIS affiliates in Libya supply the smugglers crossing the Mediterranean who are making over a billion dollars a year, thereby funding Jihad.  This in turn causes more people to make the decision to be smuggled into Europe.  (; link:

Furthermore, ISIS claims they have already smuggled 4,000 of its Jihadists into the continent. 

Also, countless migrants have flown into the EU via international airports.  Huffington Post claims that many who currently reside in the EU illegally entered in possession of valid travel documents and a visa, which have now expired.

This invasion comes at a time when Europe is battling record-high unemployment, stagnant economies, record government deficits and the steady growth of anti-immigrant parties.  Indeed there is an ever-growing desperation of Europeans to preserve a lifestyle that their economies find increasingly difficult to finance.

The truth is, says the Huffington Post, “no one wants these people.”

The Muslims come from mal-functioning, poverty-stricken Islamic nations.  Yet, most are not embracing the culture of their new homeland.  On the contrary, they have brought their violent, turbulent religious culture with them.  They demand to recreate in Europe their own culture where Sharia law reigns!

On the other hand, wanting to be “kind to the stranger,” the idealistic but naïve European leaders and elites (who usually live in gated communities) have opened their arms to this alien culture, even providing mosques and religious “encouragement” to them on the taxpayers’ euro.


Isi Leibler warns: We should be under no illusions. Most emigrants from Muslim countries have been nurtured with hatred of Western values, contempt for democracy and vicious anti-Semitism. Ironically, Germany’s concern to demonstrate its severance from its evil Nazi past by hosting large numbers of these “refugees” will inevitably strengthen the growing Islamist anti-Semitism in Germany and throughout Europe.  (; link:

Looking into the future, it is not difficult to see what will evolve.  These young men, clinging to their love of Sharia while expecting unreasonable financial benefits, will soon become disillusioned, and then frustrated that they have not been “accepted” into the world of social approval and economic benefits they had expected.  With little European language skills, few will land good paying jobs.


They will be ready prey for the Islamic Jihadists already spread across Europe who always take advantage of the democratic nature of their host nations to promote the Islamic religion and culture.  These Islamic leaders will without doubt establish terrorist cells across the continent.

Islamic fundamentalists absolutely intend to take over all Europe and create in it an Islamic caliphate.  Isi Leibler warns:

As Jews, despite identifying with the harrowing images of suffering endured by those seeking to find a better life in Western countries, we must not let ourselves be ruled by emotions or intimidated by the threat that we will be accused of engaging in Islamophobia.

We must rationally consider the long-term repercussions of our actions and, while displaying compassion and joining calls for Christians and Yazidis facing genocide in Syria to be accepted as refugees in Western countries, we must also avoid creating a situation in which we lay the foundations for jihadists to achieve their objectives by demographic means and devour the hand that feeds them…

To allow compassion to determine policy without reference to long-term repercussions reflects a total lack of resolve to maintain democratic values and is almost comparable to lemmings heading to the slaughter – a true recipe for the demise of Western civilization. Ibid.


Thousands of migrants stuck in southeastern Europe start arriving in Austria.Most plan to continue on to Germany. (apimages)

Chancellor Angela Merkel, truly compassionate woman that she is, opened her arms and her nation’s borders without limits to asylum seekers who have somehow made it to the European continent.  Part of the attraction has been very generous monthly pocket money and benefits to those who arrive.

Merkel has refused thus far to place an upper limit on the number of migrants Germany could accept. But as surely as the numbers increase, the German people’s opposition is increasing.

The overwhelmed Governor of Bavaria has threatened to go to Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court because of Merkel’s refugee policies which, he says, violates the constitutionally guaranteed independence of German states.

As the consequences of unrestrained migration become apparent, the tide of public opinion is turning against the government’s open-door policy.  Observers say that Merkel, the so-called “most powerful woman in the world,” may have met her Waterloo.

First of all, local German citizens are beginning to take note of the Islamic men’s perspective of women.  Islam assigns women to a subordinate role, and especially tends to treat women traveling alone as “wild game.”  The United Nations Refugee Agency calculates that of the refugees who have entered the European Union, 13% are women and 15% children (which differ slightly from the EU’s numbers).

Obviously, families who manage to survive and arrive together are the most stable group among the refugees. But there are also single women who have run away from the threat of forced marriages or genital mutilation.  These women face special risks, whether they are alone or with their children.  (; link:


Although according to Islam, Muslim men are forbidden to rape Muslim women, very high sexual assaults are being recorded among the migrants in the refugee shelters.  Most of these women are already traumatized by the violence, kidnappings, torture, rape and extortion they experienced in their home country.

But many are now experiencing the same nightmare in German refugee shelters – overcrowded and often without separate quarters for men and women, including bathrooms.  The problem of rapes and sexual assaults in German refugee shelters is a nationwide problem.

A typical example: In Bavaria, women and girls housed at a refugee shelter in Bayernkaserne, a former military base in Munich, are subject to rape and forced prostitution on a daily basis, according to women’s rights groups.  Although this facility has separate dorm rooms for women, the doors cannot be locked and men control access to the sanitary facilities. Ibid.

Bavarian Broadcasting reports that the price for sex with female asylum seekers is ten euros.  A social worker described the facility this way: “We are the biggest brothel in Munich.”

Pages and pages of complaints are being reported to the police every week, who, for the most part can do nothing.  Liberal newspapers tend to downplay these incidents as they do not want to give legitimacy to critics of mass migration.


Furthermore, the raping of German women (permitted by many Islamic scholars if women are not Muslim) by asylum seekers is becoming commonplace.  A recent report described a migrant who had raped and served a seven-year sentence, and then soon after being released raped a 20-year-old woman in Munich.  The newspaper referred to the rapist, Ali S., by the more politically correct “Joseph T.”

Somalians, Afghans, Iraqis, Moroccans, Turks, Tunisians and North Africans are among those recorded in police records as attacking German women.  Even a young boy was raped in a bathroom in a train near Heilbronn in southwestern Germany.  Reports say police were looking for a “dark skinned man between the ages of 30 and 40 who has an Arab appearance.”  Police kept the crime secret until last August 13, when a local paper went public with the story.


Meanwhile Germany is allowing Muslim asylum seekers to enforce Islamic Sharia law in the German shelters, according to police.  They warn that Christians, Kurds and Yazidis in the shelters are being attacked by Muslims with increasing frequency and ferocity.

An Iraqi Christian family from Mosul who was living at a refugee shelter in the Bavarian town of Freising said that threats by Islamists were a daily fact of life.

Die Welt newspaper on September 27 interviewed an Iranian convert to Christianity:

In Iran the Revolutionary Guards arrested my brother in a house church.  I fled from the Iranian secret service because I thought that in Germany I could finally live my faith without persecution…They spit at me.  They treat me like an animal.  They threaten to kill me. (; link:

Munich-based Central Committee for Oriental Christians, Simon Jacob, states these incidents are only “the tip of the iceberg.  The actual number of attacks is very high.”

Max Klingberg, the director of the Frankfurt-based International Society for Human Rights says, “We have to dispense with the illusion that all of those who are coming here are human rights activists. …We are getting reports of threats of aggression, including threats of beheading, by Sunnis against Shiites, but Yazidis and Christians are the most impacted. Those Christian converts who do not hide their faith stand a 100% probability of being attacked and mobbed.”


The former mayor of a district of Berlin warns, “The bulk of the migrants who are arriving here cannot be integrated,” and he calls for a separation of the different Muslim sects. 

The head of the German police union, Rainer Wendt, warned that “brutal criminal structures” have taken over the refugee shelters and police are overwhelmed and unable to guarantee safety and security.  He called for Christians and Muslims to be separated.

Sunnis are fighting Shiites. There are Salafists from competing groups.  They are trying to impose their rules in the shelters.  Christians are being massively oppressed and the Sharia is being enforced.  Women are forced to cover up.  Men are forced to pray five times a day.  Islamists want to introduce their values and order at the shelters. (Ibid.)


Mrs. Merkel is under pressure as never before.  But she is standing firm.  “If we start having to apologize for showing a friendly face in emergencies,” she says defiantly, “then this is not my country.”  She has said Germany can take on half a million asylum seekers per year.  But what about the millions more who will be coming? (; link:


Ominously, the head of German intelligence, Hans-Georg Maaßen, has warned that radical Muslims in Germany are canvassing the refugee shelters looking for new recruits. His observation:

Many of the asylum seekers have a Sunni religious background. In Germany there is a Salafist scene that sees this as a breeding ground. We are observing that Salafists are appearing at the shelters disguised as volunteers and helpers, deliberately seeking contact with refugees to invite them to their mosques to recruit them to their cause.

The editor of the newspaper Neue Westfälische, Ansgar Mönter, reports that Salafists in Bielefeld, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, have already infiltrated refugee centers in the area by bringing toys, fruits and vegetables for the migrants.

Mönter says “naïve” politicians are contributing to the radicalization of refugees by asking local Muslim umbrella groups in the country to reach out to the migrants!

Mönter points out that all the main Muslim groups in Germany are known to adhere to fundamentalist interpretations of Islam and are anti-Western in outlook. Some groups have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and others want to implement Sharia law in Germany now. According to Mönter, politicians should not be encouraging these groups to establish contact with the new migrants. (; link:

The truth is, soon Merkel will not recognize her own country as the Islamic army of young men populates Germany and the rest of Europe.


Last August, a migrant from Eritrea (the Horn of Africa) was turned down by Swedish authorities twice because he had already received residency in Italy.  He had not yet been deported, and so was on the loose.  He entered the IKEA store in a small town and stabbed to death a 55-year-old Swedish mother and her 28-year-old son in the crowded store.

When the killings took place in IKEA, the dams of fear and anger burst. Frustrated Swedes began howling with powerlessness on social media.  With the government ignoring the murders and the mainstream media downplaying the dangers, rumors exploded on Facebook.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven ignored the event completely.  His liberal government authorized open borders to migrants and warmly welcomed those who arrive from the Middle East and Africa.  Therefore, these well-publicized murders were rather embarrassing for his government.

Gatestone Institute, a conservative think tank, contacted the Swedish government to obtain emails sent to the Prime Minister on the subject of migrants.  All official mail in Sweden is available to any Swede who asks under the “principle of public access to official documents.”  Nevertheless, it took much prodding, emails and telephone calls for a full month before the Swedish government reluctantly sent them to Gatestone’s representative. (; link:


Some of the emails read like this:

Esteemed Prime Minister.  I am writing to you because I am very worried about the development in Swedish society.  I am met daily by news of shootings, exploding hand grenades/bombs, beatings, rapes and murders.  This is our Sweden, the country that, when you and I grew up, was considered one of the safest in the world.

Another wrote:

Rape after rape occurs and no one is doing anything about it.  I was born and raised in Varby Gard, but seven years ago, we had to move…due to the non-Europeans driving on the sidewalks.  If you didn’t move out of the way, they would jump out of the car and hit you.  If you called the police, they did nothing – in a suburb of Stockholm.  When my brother told some of these men off, a rocket appeared in his mailbox…

Still another wrote his Prime Minister:

I am scared stiff of what is happening in this country.  What will the government do about this?

The main-stream liberal Swedish media tends to play down or even ignore news about crimes committed by migrants, according to the Gatestone Institute. Sweden’s media has done its utmost to convince Swedes that everything is safe and sound in Sweden.


The fact is that since 1975, violent crime is up 300% and rape is up 1,472%.  That was the year the Swedish Parliament decided to open the doors to immigrants, turning Sweden into a multicultural country. Ibid.

Ninety percent of the 100,000 or so asylum seekers coming to Sweden each year have no identification papers.  Swedes are asking, “How many of these are not innocent victims of war, but, in fact, war criminals and other criminals, hiding among the refugees?”   


And how many are not actual refugees fleeing war, but simply looking for a better life?  No one knows.

The fact is, today 60% of welfare benefits are going to immigrants who make up about 15% of Sweden’s 10,000,000 citizens!  Even illegal migrants now get free health and dental care.

The income tax level is high – 42% – which was accepted in the past because Swedes knew that if they got sick or retired, they would be well taken care of.  Today, according to Gatestone, 800,000 of Sweden’s 2.1 million retirees, despite having worked their whole lives, have fallen into the “indigent” category.  They are getting the equivalent of $545 – $665 per month.

Unemployment is around 8%, and Swedes see the few jobs available swallowed up by migrants.  Another citizen wrote that there isn’t enough housing for Swedes, but “as soon as an older person moves out, eight foreigners immediately move in.  They just bypass us young Swedish people in line.”

The mood of Swedes is summed up with this email from a social worker:

I am a 43-year-old father of four, who is trying to explain to my children, ages 6-16 what is going on in Sweden.  I am sad to say that you and your party close your eyes to what is happening in Sweden…due to the unchecked influx from abroad.  You are creating a hidden hatred in Sweden.



One of the most foundational Scriptures for understanding God’s will for us is found in I Corinthians 10.

Paul tells us the blessings and the protection and the catastrophes that happened to Israel “became our examples.” In other words, the way God dealt with Israel is the way He deals with us today. (Verse 6)

Our Jewish teacher, Paul, repeats this truth for emphasis: Now all these things happened to them as examples [for us], and they were written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the ages have come. (Verse 11)

So how does Israel’s history help us understand what is happening in Europe today?

As we know, Europe has had many hundreds of years of Christian culture.  Although there’s a whole lot in European history to be ashamed of and even horrified at, people in Europe who were really searching for God had at least a chance to understand that God sent His Son to pay for our sins through His sacrificial crucifixion and by His resurrection we have eternal life.

But for the most part, the people of Europe have gone their own way with superficial religious traditions, and for the last century, have become known as post-Christian nations.

Europeans who believe God created the heavens and the earth are mocked.  Europeans who believe that not only is there a heaven but also a hell are thought to be primitives or just plain nuts.

For most Europeans, the “faith of our Fathers” is in the very distant past and is simply not a part of one’s life.

So now an army is invading Europe.  An army of intensely religious men whose lives are first and foremost dedicated to their god – a different god than the One in the Bible who calls Himself the God of Israel.

The Bible teaches that when a nation is following God and godly principles, the nation prospers.  When it does not, that nation is struck with great misfortune, and ultimately disappears.  It almost never takes place instantly, but little by little it dissolves into chaos or obscurity, or is taken over by a different culture and different gods.

In Solomon’s prayer at the dedication of the First Temple, he acknowledged that when the people of God sin, they will be defeated before an enemy, or face many other disasters such as drought, famine and plagues.

If that were not enough, “Replacement theology” which birthed “Christian” anti-Semitism began in Europe.  Non-Europeans have no idea of the hundreds of years of terrible persecution against the Jewish people that started in Europe – long before the religion of the Koran existed.  Islamic hatred of the Jewish people, of course, is demonically inspired. But it has received more fuel by a Christianity that decided God was finished with the Jews and had replaced them with themselves.

Last of all, the rising intensity of anti-Semitism today in Europe, encouraged by its growing Islamic population, is metastasizing into a deadly hatred of the very existence of Israel.  The UN, backed by the European Union, is literally out to eradicate the nation of Israel.

Jewish Holocaust survivors warn that the atmosphere in some European cities reminds them of the late 1930’s when Hitler began his meteoric rise.

Without a radical miraculous outpouring of the Spirit of God on Europe, another god will be taking over.  Its spirit will be diametrically opposed to the “truth that sets one free.”  It’s now or never.


eorge Frideric Handel lived in England at the time when there was a great spiritual awakening underway in the early 18th century.  Throughout his life, he manifested a deep appreciation of religion. In conversation he would frequently speak of the pleasure he felt in setting the Scriptures to music, and how meditating on the sublime passages in the Psalms had contributed to his edification

At a time when he was close to bankruptcy, he was approached by a number of Dublin charities to compose a work for a benefit performance – to help free men from debtor’s prison.  Handel began composing Messiah on August 22, 1741. He composed like a man obsessed. He rarely left his room and rarely touched his meals. But in 24 days he had composed 260 pages—an immense creative and physical feat.

When he finished writing what would become known as the Hallelujah Chorus, he said, “I did think I did see all Heaven before me, and the great God himself. “

In the coming months David Loden, known as the father of Modern Messianic Jewish Hebrew music in Israel and with many years of experience as a composer and conductor of classical music, is again preparing to perform Handel’s Messiah – beautifully translated into Hebrew – for Israeli audiences.

With a highly professional choir of 22 singers, four Israeli soloists and an orchestra of 16, the work can travel

and be performed in different areas of Israel.  This season will be the first time the Messiah in Hebrew will be performed in the south of Israel where rockets and missiles are still a constant occurrence. David’s vision is to see God’s word, the words of our faith, penetrate the minds and reach the hearts of our Jewish people in their own heart language – Hebrew. To that end, he has taken Handel’s Messiah to the north, to the east and to the west of Israel. All that remains is to move south and the year 2016 is the time.

The cost of one performance is $15,000.  Maoz wishes to sponsor at least one of these performances.  However, if more funds are contributed for additional performances, there are many areas in Israel that would be delighted for David Loden to present this beautiful work. The texts of Handel’s Messiah present the gospel of Yeshua from his birth to his resurrection.

Holocaust survivors are invited and their attendance is subsidized by the goodwill of those who realize that this may be the first time (and perhaps the last time) they will be able to hear the glorious gospel of Yeshua in such a beautiful fashion.

Hallelujah! for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth

The kingdoms of this world is become the kingdoms of our Lord

and of His Messiah

and He shall reign for ever and ever

King of Kings, and Lord of Lords