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The photo on the left shows St Mary’s Church on Cable Street while the photo on the right shows worshippers gathered for Friday Midday Prayers outside a nearby Mosque in Spitalfields, both in East London. (Photos: @London Media)

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Few themes in the Bible are repeated more than this: When a nation turns their back on God, that nation begins a downward spiral, heading finally to its destruction.

It is not a comfortable subject to think about. And yet, the Lord tells us, “Now when these things begin to happen, look up… because your redemption draws near.”

However, to ignore the subject of unrepentant nations falling into chaos is not, I believe, an accurate read of the way God wants us to respond.

After all, the entire Bible warns us to alert our wayward nations of coming judgment. King Solomon understood this fundamental truth before he, too, turned from God, and his nation suffered the same tragedies.

“When Thy people Israel are defeated before an enemy, because they have sinned against Thee, if they turn to Thee again and confess Thy name and pray…then hear Thou in heaven, and forgive the sin of Thy people Israel…” I Kings 8:33-34

A void has been created by Britain’s leaders, who themselves have been duped by pop stars, salacious TV series, brutal movies and the wild life of the uber-rich together with patronizing scholars and elites who have nothing but disdain for God. To fill that void, another god—Allah—is moving in. His law is Sharia. His goal is to conquer completely the British Isles.

The problem is not about different ethnic groups arriving to live in Britain. God created each ethnicity with lovingkindness. The problem is simply the West, whether it acknowledges it or not, is in a battle of civilizations. Put another way, Britain, if it continues its current path, will become an Islamic nation.


Demographics may take more than a generation to reveal irreversible changes. But demographics reliably foretell the future if things continue as they are. Look at these figures:

– Today there are 2,900,000 Muslims living in Britain, including Scotland and North Ireland—about 5% of the population. (www.theguardian.com)

– The Muslim population is multiplying 75% every 10 years.

The demographic model widely reported in the mainstream press reveals:

– By 2021, Britain’s Muslim population will reach about 4,900,000.

– By 2031, 8,600,000

– By 2041 15,000,000

– By 2051, nearly 26,000,000 (www.thecommentator.com)

From the British non-Muslim population, its birthrate is 2.1 per female—below the replacement level.Ibid. In other words, the real numbers of non-Muslims will shrink.

It is estimated that in 2051 there will be a total of 77,000,000 British citizens. The respected Commentator newspaper concludes that “if immigration policies continue as they are…then the Muslim population projection of 26 million by the year 2051 can be rationally defended. (Ibid.)

So by the middle of this century, a third of the population will be Muslim. If the majority of non-Muslims are secular, without a personal Jesus-centered life, Britain will be rudderless in a very stormy sea.


There is no denial that Sharia law is already being practiced throughout Great Britain by Muslims; polygamy is common, and the Islamic culture pertaining to women and other religions is replacing British law in communities with a sizable Muslim population. As the Islamic religion increases, British believers will experience severe persecution, especially in freedom of speech and liberty to preach the Gospel.

Just as genuine Christians know that they have been redeemed by the precious Lamb of God, sent by the One True God, Jehovah, so are Muslims absolutely positive that Allah is the only true god, and Jesus is not the Son of God, nor did He die for anyone’s sins.

So here we have two divergent theologies. But the lethal conflict is this: Christians and Messianic Jews believe that our God has commanded us to bring the Good News of Eternal Life to the non-believers through our testimony, our love and our faith that God will prove Himself real to any and all who seek Him with all their hearts.

Muslims believe Allah is the only true god and he has commanded his followers to conquer the world, set up a Caliphate, force Christians and Jews and all “infidels” to convert or ultimately be slaughtered. These are the commandments of Mohammed.

As long as Muslims are a small minority, it is more difficult to perceive their ultimate goals. But today, across the world, those devout Muslims, whose greatest desire is to return to Mohammed’s seventh century original Islam, are experiencing an Islamic revival.


Today in Britain, the trend is already noticeable. In a blog written by Paul Wilkinson called “The Islamization of England, One Town at a Time,” he describes little towns like Whitley Bay, a resort in the Northeast of 10,000 souls. Despite being only 0.3% Muslim, Wilkinson describes the numerous “Indian” restaurants—a proper word for “Middle Eastern” and another half a dozen Muslim-owned fast food takeaways on the main drag. Passing by another small village, he came upon a large mosque that had just been built.

Or take larger cities like the Bradford area with somewhat more than half a million citizens. Here there are over 100,000 long-time immigrants from Pakistan. In their area the stores appear to be 100% owned by Muslims; children are heading to the numerous local madrassas to learn about strict Islam. The Pakistanis like to import imams from the mother country. You get the picture. (chersonandmolschky.com)

In the January and February 2015 Maoz Israel Report, I wrote a detailed summary of the plans that Islamic fundamentalists have to take over Western democratic countries. That, of course, includes Great Britain. Muslim journalists and media personages, professors, sports icons, literary personalities and artists—all help in increasing Islamic influence in democratic nations. One of their most important goals is to elect Muslim candidates into government.


Last summer, the UK’s first female Sharia judge said that the UK government has no right to prohibit Islamic polygamy.

According to The Times, some 100,000 Muslims in the UK are currently married under Sharia not recognized by UK law. Many of these marriages are polygamous.

Earlier this year a report found that Muslim women across Britain were systematically oppressed, abused and discriminated against by Sharia law courts that treated women as second-class citizens. The 40-page report by Baroness Cox, a leading human rights campaigner, found women were pressured by their communities to use Sharia courts rather than civil courts and were threatened and intimidated if they did not comply.

One woman said, “I feel betrayed by Britain. I came here to get away from this and the situation is worse here than in the country I escaped from.”


Spiritually speaking, humanist and atheistic activists are assisting the spread of Islam. By demanding that schools suspend teaching from a Christian point of view and by removing all Biblical signs and values from the public square, they leave an enormous void which Islam is more than happy to fill.

Baroness Butler-Sloss’s two-year commission involving leading religious leaders from all faiths has concluded that Britain is truly no longer Christian and recommends that public life should be systematically de-Christianized. (www.christiantoday.com)

As the children of Christian parents wander from the faith of their fathers, the younger generation of more secular Muslim parents are becoming much more devout. In short, most children of Christians have left the faith, while the children of Muslims are returning to theirs.

Outside of massive revival of the magnitude of George Whitfield, John Wesley, and others, the British Isles will be unrecognizable by 2051. Revival has swept the British people in the past. It can sweep the land again.


“Nation of Britain, I have loved you with a love which has not ceased, despite the state of apostasy and degradation into which you have fallen. My anger toward those church leaders who have taught false things in my Name, and encouraged others to believe and act as they do, is intense and my judgment upon them will be severe. Yet I have compassion upon those who have been like sheep without Godly shepherds; and My heart still longs to exercise mercy upon a nation whose forefathers upheld my Name and took my Word to the ends of the earth; a nation whose belief in the truth of my Word framed Godly laws and inspired a culture of uprightness.

“Rather than rely on Me and my faithfulness to you, you chose, for worldly purposes, to join yourself to an institution [i.e. EU] which has denied my Name and refused to acknowledge Me in its councils. My fierce anger is upon that institution on account of its rebellion, its defiant rejection of Me and its hardness of heart towards my ancient people Israel.

“I warn you now that the European institution will not repent, even though I bring disaster and destruction upon it. I urge you, O Britain still beloved by Me for the sake of your Godly forefathers, come out of her, so that you may not be caught up in that same destruction, for I am even now arising in judgment to bring to nothing what she has sought to achieve. If you will separate yourself from her declared rejection of God, I will have mercy upon you and restore my hand of protection; and I will use you once again to bring light to many lost in the darkness which is now steadily increasing.

“Hear Me, O once Godly nation and respond to my call, or you also will come to ruin in that same judgment of destruction. This is not My will for you, but you must choose the course which you will take. I urge you to respond to Me and choose life under My hand of discipline and protection, rather than death in the disaster which is even now coming upon Europe.”

David Noakes ministers through the Issachar Ministries Trust. Given at a Ministry Leaders meeting November 2015. Printed with permission.

According to the Bible, prophecy is to be both desired and judged. (I Corinthians 14:39, 29)
~ Editor.



Dwindling Flock: St Mary’s Cable Street in East London was built to hold 1,000 People. Today, the Congregation numbers around 20. (Photo: @London Media)

—It’s official! Well, that is, according to the report released by former senior judge, Baroness Butler-Sloss. The thin end of the wedge is getting thicker…

Baroness Butler-Sloss’s two-year commission involving leading religious leaders from all faiths has concluded that Britain is no longer Christian and recommends that public life should be systematically de-Christianized.

Because of the rise of other faiths, including Islam, the report says that a “new settlement” is needed to give a public voice to those of all religious persuasions and none. This would gradually neutralize any Christian influence in our schools, taking overt Christian teaching from public school lessons and assemblies and challenging the existence of faith-based schools.

A case is also built for the reduction of the number of Church of England bishops in the House of Lords giving their places to a wide variety of input from other faiths and denominations.

There is also a recommendation for all national and civic events—including the next coronation—to be designed to reflect “the pluralist character of modern society.”


For some time, we at Prophecy Today have realized there is a ‘thin end of the wedge’ regarding subtle attacks on the Christian foundations of our society. All too quickly we are now down to the thicker part of the wedge that is being driven in by humanists and those with multi-faith persuasion.

Though this report does not have a direct impact on the laws of the UK, it clearly demonstrates how far we have gone during just one generation. There will be many who have no concern for our nation’s history and heritage who will draw strength from this report and the battle lines are being drawn for the defense of the Faith in our nation.

Of course, we ourselves have monitored with concern the declining numbers attending church and have noted the numbers of those of other religious persuasions increasing across the nation, but our use of the data must be quite different from that of Baroness Butler-Sloss’s committee.

In reality, Britain is not—and never was—a ‘Christian country’ in an absolute sense. The country has never been entirely full of born-again believers. Yet, when the leadership of the nation has upheld biblical truth and when our laws have been molded to conform to biblical precepts, Almighty God has protected and prospered us so that the world around has recognized us as, at heart, a Christian country.

The basis of our constitutional position, is the central tenet of the 1953 Coronation Oath: the Queen’s promise to “maintain the laws of God and true profession of the Gospel.” Thank God this promise and foundation stone remains in place during our Queen’s reign. Not only is this Her Majesty’s commitment, it is also the commitment of every member of the House of Commons and House of Lords, made through their own oath or affirmation entering office.

Though a baroness can lead a committee to seek to erode this away, it is in accordance with our constitutional principles and laws that they themselves—including the baroness—have made this commitment. That far we are a Christian country—a backsliding Christian country perhaps, but nevertheless committed to the God of the Bible by strong personal oaths.


It is often said that the UK has an unwritten constitution, which gives the impression that our position is vague and therefore, to some degree, subject to matters of opinion. This is not true when studied from the viewpoint of the Coronation Oath and the many centuries of development of laws and customs that brought us to today. Yet it can be treated as vague if one has a mind to do so and if the nation is led by those who choose to ignore the central principles that were passed on.

Concerned by this, a few years ago I set about writing around to see if I could pin down who is responsible for the checks and balances of maintaining our constitutional position. Starting with the Palace, I tried to ascertain how the Queen viewed her Oath and how she would seek to fulfill her vows especially when a new law came up that was against biblical principles. Many of her subjects have also urged her to lead the nation in prayer as did her father in the Second World War.


The answers I have received constantly refer questions back to the Government—most often to the Home Office. The Queen certainly takes her Oath seriously at a personal level but has assumed the role of a ‘Constitutional Monarch’ who defers to her ministers and signs without question whatever is passed into law through Parliament. Finding the Home Office non-committal, the next point of inquiry was to try to find the governmental office responsible for constitutional issues, with the question as to whether there is any department in the government that specifically tests government decisions for their conformity to the Coronation Oath. This is the reply I received in full:

Dear Dr. Denton,

Thank you for your letter of 17th

January 2010. We are the team responsible for Constitutional Policy and the relationship between Church and State, and have been asked to respond to your letter.

“The Government does not accept that The Queen has signed any Acts of Parliament which contradict the Coronation Oath. The Coronation Oath is a personal Oath, sworn by the Monarch during the Coronation, when she was asked ‘Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel?’

There is no mechanism or particular office in place to assist Her Majesty in upholding her Coronation Oath, nor would it be appropriate for such a mechanism or office to exist. (my emphasis)

The conclusion is that responsibility for maintaining the Oath and defending the Faith has fallen into an imprecise place between Monarch and Government and, despite the Oaths and Affirmations made on entering governmental office, no-one is designated to protect our sworn status before God that Britain will seek to be a Christian country.


In reality, the only people who will be concerned for our Christian heritage are Christians. Baroness Butler-Sloss’s committee has opened an issue that will deepen even further in the coming days, raising many questions for Christians about faith in the public life of the nation. Should Christians still be defending the heritage that is being systematically attacked and dismantled, encouraging our national leaders to fulfill the solemn promise to God that was made on 2 June 1953? Or should we accept that the days of ‘Christian Britain’ are long over—and move on?

Should the Church fight for a voice and an influence in the public realm, or should we live quietly and seek to witness where we are placed? Should we defend the use of biblical laws and principles in civic life as what’s best for the well-being of the nation, when the nation has forsaken God himself?

In my view, answers to these questions depend on whether they are tackled during or after the reign of Queen Elizabeth. A call to repentance across the entire nation has clear context whilst the present Coronation Oath is in force. Now is the time for the rallying cry to sound out to return to our national commitment to the God of the Bible. It may be different when this reign ends. Nevertheless, whether before or after, it remains the responsibility of Christians to seek God for what he is doing and what, by implication, we should be doing. At all times this is the bottom line.


This issue will not go away. I would suggest that the Lord God himself will not let it be ignored. If the day comes when the foolish recommendations of Baroness Butler-Sloss’s Committee are adopted, then our decline as a nation will be under the Hand of God as much as our reaping the consequences of our foolishness. This is how critical the next few years will be at an escalating pace.

Permission kindly granted by the Rev. Dr. Clifford Hill, Editor in Chief of Prophecy Today. www.prophecytoday.uk



We deeply appreciate our “comrades in arms,” our spiritual family and close associates who created from nothing our growing infrastructure of Maoz partners in Great Britain! ~ Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram

I first met Helen in the autumn of 1970 while serving in the Royal Air Force in London. At the time I was a lapsed Christian. Helen told me that her parents, both secular Jews, had fled from the Nazi invasion of Vienna in 1938, and that she had been brought up in Worcester as a nominal Christian, believing that God did exist but not much else about Him. We got together again the following spring after untangling our lives, and three weeks later were engaged; a couple of months after that we were married!

Over the next six years we were gradually drawn into a closer relationship with our Lord, culminating in a profound and life-changing experience of God’s love and concern for us, and the power of His Holy Spirit at work. This led to my resignation from the RAF in 1982 after 27 years’ service and my retraining as an osteopath, at which point Helen became the family breadwinner.

In 1986 I qualified and set up practice as an osteopath in our home in London where, encouraged by various friends, studying the Bible, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we both began to explore Helen’s Jewish heritage and God’s purposes for Israel and His chosen people.

Among my patients was a Jewish lady, Vera, who had been part of a dance worship team in America. Helen had always loved dancing and she and Vera organized the “New Jerusalem Dancers,” which I too joined. We danced at all sorts of events in Britain and Europe, including the annual Yeshua conferences, where in 1992 we met Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram, founders of Maoz Ministries in Tel Aviv. Around this time, Helen experienced a break-through in embracing her Jewish identity when a wise elder told her “You are Jewish, because God made you Jewish for His purposes.”

Ari and Shira spoke each year at the Yeshua conference and we were deeply impressed by the work they were doing in Israel. In the summer of 1995, God suggested to me that I should volunteer to set up a UK branch of Maoz, and Maoz UK was born in November of that year. I began operating in the cellar of our home, graduated to a spare bedroom when I took on a very dear friend to help with the admin, and then to various offices in Greenwich as the team expanded to the five of us today. It is exciting and a huge blessing to work together in harmony and love under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

In 1997 we began negotiating with the Charities Commission to gain registration and become eligible for gift-aided tax recovery. It took two years to persuade them that we were not a cult and that Jews could believe in Jesus the Messiah without losing their Jewish identity.

Our activities as a UK charity include collecting and recording donations, going out to schools, churches and congregations to teach about God’s ongoing plans for Israel and the Jews, sending out weekly prayer letters and the monthly Maoz Israel Report, and holding our donors and their needs before the Lord. We pray as a team each week for many requests. A number of our supporters are isolated, rejected by their churches or families or growing old or sick. Many have unsaved family members or financial needs.

I resigned as Director nearly two years ago but stayed on to handle the finances. Our new Director, Brian Greenaway, has expanded the work to include many new contacts with pastors and church organizations. Twenty years on, after myriad blessings and a few challenges, I am finally leaving the team, but continuing as a Trustee. I am enormously grateful for the work of team members past and present, but above all to our faithful and generous intercessors and donors. It has been a true privilege to be connected with what the Lord is doing in Israel.


We are so thankful for Brian, our new Director of Maoz Israel Ministries UK. Born in London, Brian has had a varied background including policy adviser for the Department for Education in the UK Government and working on a wide variety of policy initiatives.

When he joined Maoz in early 2012 he had been in full time pastoral ministry with the Assemblies of God UK for nearly 10 years. He has Jewish roots through his father’s heritage. He now shares his time between Maoz and the leadership team of his local New Frontiers International Church. Brian is available to meet with church leaders and persons interested in seeing the Good News propagated to the Israeli people.

You may contact Brian by email: brian@maozisrael.org, or by telephone: 020.3740.5794020.3740.5794 .


Even before I became a believer in Jesus in 1987, I had a passion for Israel and her people, which had always been encouraged by my father. After two decades at our home church, it became clear that God was leading us to a new venture.

Although our church had had an existing link with Maoz UK we never imagined that God would lead us personally to join the Maoz family! Through a series of prophetic words and miraculous provision we have found ourselves involved in this amazing ministry that has a heart to reach the people of Israel. My passion for Israel is now based upon a clear Biblical foundation and my wife and I believe that God has called us to serve His chosen people from here in the UK.

My wife Elizabeth and I have 2 wonderful children, Abigail and Josiah. We still live near the Dartford area and I also work two days a week for Dartford Community Church.



(Photo: ROSSPARRY.CO.UK) Appalling treatment: the Hussain Family (From left to right: Father Nissar Hussain, 49, his children, Anniesa, 21, Miriam, 17, Leena, 14, Isaaq, 7, Sarah, 19, and Wife Kubra, 45) are regarded as ‘blasphemers’ by their neighbors.

Nissar Hussain comes from a beautiful area of Kashmir in Pakistan. In 1996, he and his wife Kubra decided to leave Islam and follow Christ as British citizens. However, their Muslim neighbors did not take kindly to their conversion and harrassed them with assaults, daily intimidation and criminal damage to their property including smashing house windows and destroying three of their vehicles. They literally drove the Hussains out of their home in Bradford, England.

When the family’s vehicle was torched outside their home, police didn’t even take a statement, never mind an arrest. As the death threats continued, the police sergeant’s response was: “Stop trying to be a crusader and move out!” The police obviously didn’t want to be labeled as racists.

The family moved to another part of town and for a while they lived quietly. But then a TV station documenting the Islamic persecution of British converts to Christianity in 2008, invited Hussain to give his story. He bravely related what had happened to him and his family.

Immediately, unbearable harassment and intimidation followed. Their children attended a Christian school. But the majority of pupils were Muslims, and they bullied the Hussain children incessantly. When the Hussains turned to their Anglican Church, they were simply ignored.

At one point Hussain grappled with a man who threatened his wife; he was arrested and spent 12 hours in police cells before being released without charge. Over the last year, Hussain has had his car windshield smashed six times, at an enormous personal cost to the family.

Although their faith remains strong, the Hussains no longer attend church. “We have given up on the Church of England. They have done nothing for us,” said Hussain.

At age 49, he has been diagnosed with PTSD and has even had to give up his career as a nurse due to the effect on his health. Police have been called numerous times to deal with the attacks, but being reluctant to treat the problem as a religious hate crime, they also ignore the family’s harassment.

With unbearable costs mounting because of constant vandalism, and feeling they are effectively prisoners in their own home, Hussain turned to his Member of Parliament, Naseem Shah. So far, he has received no reply.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if an evangelical church took this family under their wing?

For more information on this family, go to: www.dailymail.co.uk