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Fact: Many wonderful Christians and Christian organizations have given millions of dollars to the Israeli government, to Israeli charities and other organizations.

Jewish Orthodox charitable organizations have also benefited by gathering many millions of dollars from Christians and channeling these funds to Israeli Orthodox and secular organizations.

But Messianic Jews and born-again Arabs of Israel have, for all practical purposes, received little from these gifts from Christians.

In fact, these same Orthodox or secular charitable funding organizations have done all in their power to keep Israeli believers from receiving any benefit whatsoever.

Fact: Many of the Orthodox institutions and government offices, staffed by Orthodox Jews, openly and aggressively fight the Messianic Jews by attempting to deport believers from Israel or stop Messianic Jews from immigrating to the land.

The Messianic believers of Israel also come under heavy physical harassment by Yad L’Achim, an ultra-Orthodox anti-freedom of religion group funded by the Orthodox political establishment. In addition, there are constant legal and illegal attempts by a variety of Orthodox entities to stifle the work of the Lord in Israel, such as contacting the place of a believer’s employment and demanding the employee be fired for being a Messianic Jew.

Fact: Even funds given by Christians to various secular Israeli government agencies will ultimately be shared inordinately with the Orthodox, as their political leaders extract sums far above what their numbers justify, because of their political grip on the Israeli government coalition.

Again, keep in mind that Israel’s Orthodox religious establishment and political figures are the very people who aggressively harass and obstruct the Israeli believers, and do all in their power to keep the Israeli people from hearing the biblical message of salvation.

Fact: Under pressure from rabbinical sources, the mayor in one city has forbidden a Messianic congregation to meet in the rental building in which they have been meeting for many years.

The excuse is that they don’t have a building permit to meet. When the pastor asked where in the city they could have a “license” to meet, the mayor told them he did not believe they would receive such permission to use any building in the city. At the moment they are meeting in a park. A stark example of violation of human rights to practice one’s religion.

Fact: The Orthodox politicians are constantly attempting to pass ever-stricter laws with the aim of making it illegal to share one’s faith (unless it is Orthodox), under penalty of a prison sentence for doing so. Fortunately, as of now they have not been able to pass such undemocratic laws.

However, some basic anti-faith laws have already been passed, although no one has yet been jailed under such laws. And it is a fact that some of the Orthodox politicians most active in persecuting believers in Israel are also on the boards of organizations which collect many millions of dollars from Christians who remain unaware of this fact.

Fact: When Christians donate to Orthodox institutions, it is highly unlikely that the average recipient will ever know that the funds came from Christians. For example, if an Orthodox yeshiva (Talmudic school) receives a donation of Christian origin, the students will never know that the followers of the Jewish Messiah gave them a financial gift.

Fact: Obviously, it is Biblical to bless the poor no matter what their religious beliefs. We think, however, that if a Christian or Jewish believer is given the opportunity to bless Israel with his or her financial resources, they will choose to partner with Israel’s believing community. After all, they bring the ONLY HOPE to the Middle East the message of Israel’s Messiah, Yeshua of Nazareth to the Jewish nation.

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